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Video Advertising

Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of our student audience for a second! Imagine having to go through a mile-long blog post for information on a course or browse through text heavy ads for the same. With all the reading they do anyway there’s just no way they’d be interested in more. Besides, with all the engaging video posts on their social media timelines means, there’s just no way to grab their attention by giving them a ton of information to deal with!

So how does one ensure all the right information is compressed into an engaging message that they don’t veer away from? Video advertising is the answer!


How does it work?

Video advertising is engaging and provides just information to intrigue and interact with your brand. Plus it is really simple too!

identify_icon IDENTIFY

Audience behaviour for precise targeting Key content and publisher platforms with higher video CTRs (YouTube isn’t the only option) Relevant performance metrics

create_icon DESIGN

Translate brand messages into engaging video ads Create landing pages to provide additional information on the video ad content

engage_icon EXECUTE

Partner with YouTube, publisher platforms, and Ad networks for video inventory Real time bidding via ad exchanges for high performing ad inventory Targeting video ads to reach the right audience. Monitoring and optimizing in parallel


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1IT’S ENGAGING – Over 52% of advertisers claim that online video advertising is the most successful form of advertising, especially for a young audience that is low on attention!
  • should_icon2IT’S GOT A PERSONALITY - Video advertising enables you to put your creativity on full display and shows your brand has a personality. That’s what your audience connects with, doesn’t it!
  • should_icon3IT’S CONCISE – Video wins over other forms of advertising in communicating a lot of information in a short message, thereby increasing retention and brand recall
  • should_icon4 IT’S PRECISE - With video advertising it is easy to target the audience you want to interact with. You can’t have the highest average CTR of 1.8% without the right targeting can you!

How should I go about it?

Video advertising can have you acing the competition in no time with the right video advertising agency planning and executing your campaigns. At Unipro, creativity is serious business and our design team is given breakfast cereal secretly spiked with creative juice. And don’t even get us started on how our exclusive education sector experience lets us decode your audience in ways that nobody else can! But seriously, here’s why we can help!


As much as it is required, YouTube isn’t the only place for video ads. Our partnerships with leading ad-exchanges and the largest pool of sites from top ad-networks help serve your video ads to over 80% of the student traffic in the country


At Unipro we literally live & breathe video. A stellar team of designers and video experts from top institutes help us create wow video ads that are truly worth a thousand pictures


Five years and over a hundred clients, all in the education sector! Do we still need to say that no one understands what your audience seeks more than we do!

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