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Online Application Platform

We’re amid a Shakespearean irony where 90% of the education sector’s audience is online almost always, yet more than 70% of educational institutes use no digital technology in their entire admission process.Let’s face it!In the world of digital dwellers, the age-old system of offline applications and enrolments just doesn’t cut it anymore.

But how does one seamlessly manage such a large funnel of prospective students and ensure that the right information is provided always and the best fit students are enrolled without any hassles? An online application platform is your answer


How does it work?

Online application platforms are quite easy to setup and the best part is that their functionalities can be scaled up or down depending on the needs of your institute.

identify_icon PLAN

Feature list based on database size Functionalities for students Functionalities for the institute

create_icon DESIGN

User interface of the platform User journey and process flows Automated communication alerts

engage_icon IMPLEMENT

Integrate with CRM and Lead Management System Create and upload marketing collateral and information resources Monitor application funnel and analyse trends


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1IT’S SIMPLE – With your entire audience online, isn’t it easier to have the application process online. Besides, application platforms easily integrate with your CRM and can even be ported to mobile applications.
  • should_icon2 IT’S CONSOLIDATED - Information, application, evaluation, communication, and payment processes consolidated on a central online hub. Life can’t get easier can it!
  • should_icon3 IT’S ANALYTICAL – Online application portals can also analyse student data to generate important insights and trends that help streamline the process for the future
  • should_icon4 IT’S COST EFFECTIVE – Without any redundant processes and streamlined communication, online application platforms reduce manual overheads, proving cost efficient in the long run.

Sounds like I need a mathematical formula
and rocket scientists to manage social media?

Setting up an online application platform is not so much about the execution as it is about the planning and this makes it crucial to have the right application development services handy. Having worked on digital solutions exclusively for the education industry and armed with a crystal ball that our strategists have exclusive access to, we see digital requirements clearer than anyone else does.
But seriously, here’s why we can help!


We've implemented multiple instances of online application platforms for leading educational institutes in the past. Complete with payment gateway integration!


We work exclusively for the education sector! If there is any requirement from an application process, we’ve seen it and delivered it. Enough said!


We recently piloted our cloud based online application platform that reduces your costs, saves your efforts, works anywhere you want it to, and gives you access to unlimited analytical capabilities… And your prospective students will love the UI for sure!

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