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Compitos is a complete CRM solution product by Unipro Education which helps Education Institutes to capture, distribute, manage, monitor & nurture the leads from one single platform. This eventually helps to increase the efficiency of your callers, boost your marketing efforts, increase conversion rate and thus, gets maximum ROI of your marketing spends.

Key benefits of COMPITOS

  • High quality lead management
  • Real-time tracking of your counsellors, inbound calls
  • Optimize your campaigns with high quality analytical data
  • Activate Drip campaigns - Automated lead nurturing through Emails, SMS and WhatsApp
  • Integration with all third party websites, platforms
  • Easy access of all data and reports at one place
  • Complete tracking from Lead to Application

How Compitos Can Help

  • Capture, distribute, manage, monitor & nurture your leads from one single platform
  • Track your counsellors/callers performance
  • Real-time data update from all your callers
  • Third party level integrations with all the publishers/websites
  • Automate your lead engagement tactics & Activate Drip Campaigns with a ease.
  • Automatic assignment of leads to your callers
  • Integrate your click to call campaigns with it
  • Optimize your campaigns with a data driven analytics present under Compitos

Positive Impact of Compitos on your Business

Increase the Efficiency of your Callers

By updating data on daily basis will ensure your callers are finishing the task assigned which can be tracked by Admin.

Increase your Conversation

Organized & Collaborative working, continuous engagement with leads and complete track of callers activity will surely ensure you get high level of conversion rate and get maximum ROI of your marketing spends.

Plan your Campaign Better

More data gives you more insights and hence, every-time helps to drive the campaigns further better.

Lower down your Effective cost per lead

By knowing the source of each lead with a feedback of it will help you to drive your spends in right direction.

Understand the right effect of each Media channel used

Managing your calls, emails, messages, leads - everything in one platform, helps you understand the effect of each media with ease.

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