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Social Media Advertising

So you recently piloted a course that no other institute is offering and you loved the expensive advertisement you did for it but you’re wondering why the response took months to come? In a dynamic sector like education where you have only a fraction of a second to grab your audience’s attention before they move on to the next most happening update on their feed, a scenario such as the one above is definitely not what you want!

So how do you ensure your brand’s messages are seen by your audience at the right time, without significantly eating into your advertising budgets? Social Media Advertising is your answer!


How does it work?

Social media advertising is all about taking your brand’s message and amplifying it to the right audience at the right time,
to help you generate effective conversations and increase conversions

identify_icon IDENTIFY

Identify the right audience profiles based on demographics and interests.

create_icon TARGET

Use proven advertisement funnels and engaging content around key message points to create targeted advertisements

engage_icon OPTIMIZE

Monitor what’s working and optimize accordingly to increase engagement and conversions


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1IT’S PRECISE – Identify only the relevant groups and target them with your brand’s message. Not a single penny is wasted.
  • should_icon2IT’S COST EFFICIENT - Social media advertising is 3x times cheaper than traditional advertising and every person reached is relevant to you.
  • should_icon3IT’S LIGHTNING FAST – Advertising on social media gets you results almost INSTANTLY. Coffee and news are best when fresh!
  • should_icon4IT’S CUSTOMIZABLE - Optimization of campaigns allows you to edit, pause, stop, or boost ad campaigns depending on their performance, unlike an ad on traditional platforms.
  • should_icon5IT’S VIRAL – Just like great content, even ads on social media can be shared. In fact, ads shared by social connections have a 25% greater chance of converting. Have you ever heard of a print or TV ad being shared?

Sounds too good to be real. Is this even possible?

Absolutely! With the right social media marketing agency onboard, social media marketing campaigns can actually save a lot of money and helps you reach the right audience. A usual day in the office at Unipro, sees our social media ninjas working left right and centre on ad campaigns and don’t even get us started on social media optimization. Trust us, we make your advertising dollar work. Here’s Why!


Unipro is the only digital agency catering exclusively to the education sector. We know your audience on social to the core and our targeting is laser sharp.


Touching nearly 500 social media campaigns to the date now, if it’s been done on social, we’ve done it; if it’s not, we’re doing it as we speak!


Our content ninjas can turn the most hardcore sales pitch into engaging conversations that matter to your audience.

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