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Lead Management System

Investing in education is a necessary but often confusing decision to make! Imagine how cool it would be if all students had the same priorities and the same source got them searching about your educational institute. All you would need to do is provide the one bit of information they seek and your yearly enrollments are sorted!

Well blame it on the young mind’s general affinity for chaos, the above isn’t going to happen!

So how do you handle an enormous audience pool and know when and whom to get in touch with and what kind of information to provide to convert leads into enrolments. Lead Management is your answer!


How does it work?

While a lead management system isn’t complex to execute, the planning is crucial since it isn’t a one size fits all solution.

identify_icon Collect

Collect all leads at one place from all sources

create_icon Track & Distribute

Distribute all your leads to your counselling team via system Let them do the work - Lead sorting, filtering, and Nurturing and you simply keep the track of everything

engage_icon Nurturing

Score leads and pass qualified leads to sales Create and execute nurturing campaigns for unqualified leads

engage_icon Analyse

Analyse the performance of your counsellors, your various advertising platforms, your lead behaviour everything with just a click of button.


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1IT’S SIMPLIFYING – Reaching out to a visitor funnel as large as that of the student audience requires more than excel sheets and campaign managers tracking leads.
  • should_icon2IT’S INTEGRATED - Lead management systems work in an integrated setup with sales and campaign management functions to optimize and deliver campaigns according to the lead funnel
  • should_icon3IT’S PRECISE – Lead management systems track the source of every lead along with their stage in the sales cycle. Using this input, information can be precisely delivered where required.
  • should_icon4IT HELPS IN OPTIMIZATION - Lead management platforms analyse the performance of inbound & outbound campaigns and content. This helps you focus efforts only on high performing campaigns and content

How should I go about it?

In setting up a lead management capability, working with the right lead generation company is of vital importance. This is the part where we usually go full throttle on self-praise because we have our own online lead management system that easily integrates with your CRM system. But there’s a lot more we do that makes us the lead gen champs and we’ll tell you what!


The lead management system we just told you about has helped us drive over 1 million leads in 5 years and it can seamlessly help you generate, manage, distribute, and convert leads from a single platform


With over 400 digital marketing campaigns for the education sector executed across 30 countries, you name it we’ve done it!


Your audience is at the heart of your lead generation strategy and our exclusive education sector experience gives us an unmatched understanding of the student audience


Customizing and optimizing campaigns to suit your lead generation objectives is something our creative ninjas can handle even when they are half asleep or playing ping pong in our break out area

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