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Unipro Education - Making education marketing digital-One cookie at a time!

Unipro Education is a digital media company in India that caters exclusively to education sector clients across the globe. With more than five years of education industry experience, delivering ROI driven digital solutions for over 400+ clients in last 5 years from India & International markets, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to marketing to students online!

With a broad gamut of offerings that help education marketers understand the online behaviour of their audience and connect with them through engaging and relevant digital campaigns, our team of digital experts is taking education marketing digital.

Come, see what we can do!


When it comes to the promotional practises of educational institutions, digital marketing is playing an ever more strategic role in reaching the prospective students. Generally, 90% of institutions plan to turn to the influence of online display advertising, as a key marketing tool. Are you ready?


Your brand is your promise – to make impact on your bottom line and thrive in the challenging market space. Establish and build a consistent positive brand image among your existing and potential students. In case you haven't yet, get started with us, it's not too late!


Marketing has a value only if it ensures that your message is being seen and heard by the students likely to get enroll in your institute-your target audience. Think about all those students, whom you want to attract to your site. Besides, not all of them are equally interested. So how do you proceed?


Our Services

Search Advertising

Better Conversion on Search Engine and amazing results by using Paid Strategies. Our Top SEM Platforms are Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Display Advertising

Advanced Education Publishers along with our Massive Reach on 90% Indian web Audience through integration various ad exchanges.

Mobile Advertising

We amplify your ads on mobile devices for better outcomes. Since smartphones, nowadays, have gained everyone's interest this automatically gives rise to business over mobile.

Behavioral Re-targeting

Our Technology Integrated behavioral Re-targeted ads brings you potential audience back to you.

Social Media Advertising

Extremely cost effective platform with wide reach option. We let your brand communicate with Audience across all social channels.

Video Advertising

We help you bring the ad benefits from the hundreds of millions of views on You tube channel.

Website Design/development

Being creative is the only thing that has the power to set you apart from rest of the world. With our ingenious and inspiring team, we establish a strong message that helps you emotionally bond with your potentials audience.

Search Engine Optimization

Increase your ranking and earn heavy traffic from the "free," "organic," "editorial" or "natural" listings on various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Lead Management System (CRM)

Our in-house CRM solution is a unique proposition which enables you to track, manage, distribute leads on real time basis.

Online Application Platform

Our another tech platform gives your users an ease of submitting the required documents for the admission-related activities.

Creative Designing

Being creative is the only thing that has the power to set you apart from rest of the world. With our ingenious and inspiring team, we establish a strong message that helps you bond with your potential Audience.

Social Media Management

Increase your status and website traffic through social media channels and understand with us the need to bring any changes to your current social media activities.

Why Unipro Education as if that was even a question!

  • Cookies + Digital Offerings = Happy Clients: From digital advertising to online admission platforms, you name it we do it. But butter cookies are our true secret to customer satisfaction. How else do you think we’ve happily retained over 80% of our 150+ clients!
  • Digital + Education= Unipro: Okay, we’re not going to boast, but come on... five years of digital experience exclusively in the education sector ensures we understand your needs and your audience better than anyone!
  • Numbers Numbers Everywhere: 600 Million+ Impressions, 5 Million+ Clicks, 4 Lac+ Unique Leads, 114 Countries Targeted… that’s what we’ve delivered for educational clients. Enough said!
  • Web Network Like Spiderman: Leading ad-exchanges and ad-networks are also crazy for our butter cookies! No wonder we have access to over 90% of the student audience through these partnerships
  • Technology + Unipro = Awesomeness: Not saying too much, but our CRM, Lead Management, and Cloud Based Application Platform take the cake when it comes to integrated digital solutions for the education sector!
  • Google + Unipro = BFFs! We’re Google Premier Partners! Something only 3% of digital agencies globally can boast of. Now you know who to call if you’ve got something to do with Google!

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