Online learning is on the rise as many graduates choose online learning as a medium to get higher degrees. Students find online learning the best way to study and work simultaneously. The flexibility of the program makes it the best option for all as students can combine their studies with work as well as with personal commitments. Also, online learning is affordable in comparison to the regular full-time MBA program.

Online MBA in finance
Online MBA in Finance colleges in India offer a two-year course which is the best way for working professionals to add an academic achievement to their resume. The distance learning MBA in finance program offers students many concepts, including value maximization, capital investment evaluation, portfolio management, security analysis, and capital investment evaluation. Many top colleges in India offer MBA finance online learning, including Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Centre of online learning.

About MBA Finance online
MBA finance online is a two-year course and which imparts students with the financial scenario. To be eligible for online MBA Finance, online students should be graduated from a recognized university. However, many colleges enroll on the basis of merit, and some enroll on the basis of entrance examinations.

Difference between full-time MBA and distance MBA
Earning a master’s degree, i.e., MBA in any specification is vital in climbing the ladder towards success. An MBA can help achieve many goals and help people seeking promotion or those who aim to become an entrepreneur. A person with an MBA degree can earn higher salaries by studying full-time regular MBA courses or studying distance learning programs. It is a very tough decision for any student or experienced professionals to pursue a full-time or distance MBA course. Before deciding, everybody should know the difference between the two.

1. Mode of study
Distance MBA is a program held through virtual mode, including videos, emails, etc. On the other hand, a full-time MBA program is taught and held in the classroom and entails a physical aspect.

2. Delivery of program
The course is taught online in the distance MBA learning program, and some institutes send study material through posts. On the other hand, a full-time MBA is a classroom study with a fixed schedule.

3. Curriculum
The curriculum of online learning MBA is crisp and concise. On the other hand, full-time MBA course in which both theory and practical included.

4. Teaching principles
Teaching in the distance MBA program is much flexible and which raises its demand. There is a lot of flexibility regarding exam schedule, venue selection, and submission of assignments. On the other hand, the full-time program has a tight and strict schedule for exam dates, assignment submission, etc.

5. Duration
The duration of the online MBA program is one to three years, and in full time it is two years. Also, fees of online learning is cheaper in compared to full-time MBA course.

6. Admission process
Admission in distance learning is much easier and simpler in comparison to the admission process in a full time MBA program. You can apply now for admission to many top MBA colleges in India. On the other hand, admission to a full-time MBA course is complex, including entrance exams, group discussions, and more.

Online learning is best for those students and professionals who want to study and work simultaneously. To get admission, visit the website of Dr. D.Y. Patil Vidyapeeth’s Centre of online learning, as they offer quality education.


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