Information Technology is the study related to computers, for storing, accessing, analyzing, and sending information. It makes the life of the common man simpler, smoother and easier. Information Technology has become a favorite choice for students as it opens the roads for several opportunities in-country and abroad as well. Social media networking, Patient portals, Digital marketing certification courses, Mobile Applications, Website Applications, Online shopping Portals, Internet Banking are some of the most popular parts of Information Technology. There are many colleges in the country to offer Information Technology courses. Aspirants must visit the website to check their eligibility for admission in the desired course. By pursuing the courses in Information Technology, you will be equipped with theoretical knowledge as well as the skill sets that meet the requirements of the IT companies. Whether it is the designing, development, or testing of software, etc. Let’s discuss what are some career opportunities in the IT industry and how you can begin your journey of becoming an expert in a certain field.

Career Prospects in the Information Technology Industry
Information Technology is a field that helps you for a shining future. If you are seeking a career in the IT industry, you will have plenty of options to choose from. There is no shortage of job options at both entry-level and expert levels, as the IT sector is expanding hugely. You can seek jobs at almost all the major Multinational Corporations (MNCs) like IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. Once you enter the industry, you can find innumerable other job outcomes with attractive remuneration. Here are some of the job profiles to be considered after having a degree in the IT field.

Hardware engineer
Hardware engineers are specialized experts in providing hardware solutions. Their job will be designing and troubleshooting the existing hardware or building entirely new hardware. They boost technological efficiency, reduce the number of errors and issues and meet current technological standards and needs. To pursue a career in the IT industry, you must possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree.

Network administrator
Network administrators are responsible for setting up, administering, maintaining, and upgrading communication systems, local area networks (LANs), and wide area networks (WANs) for an organization. They are also responsible for implementing network hardware and software, fixing issues, ensuring network availability, security and performance.

Web developer
This career is in high demand due to the internet and technology boom. Web developers are in high demand in both commercial and non-commercial organizations to have a web page for advertising, selling, or for the purpose of communication. A web developer is responsible for gathering and generating the content, creating website layouts, deciding on the website navigation, and coding for different web pages.

System Administrator
System Administrators take charge of monitoring and maintenance regularly, of technology assets, responsible for helping install, maintain, and upgrading according to the company requirement.

Data/Business analyst
Data or Business analysts collect and analyze data of a company for their marketing, insurance, political, and business practices. As Data Analysts you can rise as far as your talent takes you in this vast field.

Software engineer
Software engineers are responsible for designing, developing, testing, and optimizing computer programs in the fields of social networks, video games, business applications, and network control systems. This IT branch has the widest range of careers and professional roles. Software engineers are required everywhere from niche companies to government agencies.

Computer system analyst
The job of a computer system analyst is to recommend strategic changes to increase productivity, lowering operational costs, and achieving other important objectives by evaluating a company’s computer systems and other procedures. They are also responsible for the development team or design and program computer systems.


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