Over the last few months, millions of students adopted online education. In which students being outside the classroom, the teachers are trying to use online methodologies for delivering lectures. It has become very important for teachers to learn an online course in India and teach students from the comfort of their homes. Here are some of the best online learning portals in India for the students:

Bharatskills: Bharatskills is a portal that offers skill-based courses where most of them follow the NSQF curriculum. They offer a wide range of e-learning videos for different trades such as carpenter, electrician, plumber, and so on.

NASSCOM: NASSCOM offers a portal where the students can learn different skills for a beautiful future. It is an industry-driven learning ecosystem that aims to words upgrading to millions of nationals and students in the industry for around 5 years. They offer a wide range of forces which makes learning from home much easier.

EduBull: EduBull is India one of the largest online learning and test preparation platforms. They provide courses for the age group 1 to 70 years. Their courses vary from school tests, preparation, skill development, and much more. These courses are made by the best teachers and are curated and constructed by more than 1200 experts. These are best to stay competitive and stay ahead. Apply now and learn a wide range of courses.

Skillsbuild: With the evolving technology, new job roles one needs the required skills for a person could perform a task in the best possible way. Photos like Skillsbuild provide courses in the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, client engagement, and so on.

TCS ion: TCS ion is a digital portal that offers a wide range of courses that is spread across different fields. The company collaborates with several organizations so that they can offer these courses easily. In recent times, they have collaborated with NSDC as well as NCS so that they can enable virtual training and job information for those talented and in a need of a job.

Swayam: Swayam is a portal that runs on the principle of axis equity as well as quality. They offer courses from class 9th to post-graduation and they are free of cost for the students. Those who need a certification have to pay fees and also works when examination. The eligibility for the certificate will be provided on the first page and the students can get the certificates according to the criteria.

NPTEL: NPTEL is another amazing portal that is correlated majorly by the IIT Madras along with other varieties. This portal records a wide range of lectures from the IIT which are uploaded online for easy access. They offer web as well as video forces around 23 disciplines when learners get a tangible and result in the form of a certificate.

There are quite a few educational portals available these days, which the students can reach out to when you want to update their skills. You can visit the website of the top-notch educational portals and role in the certification cost you want to learn.


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