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In today’s digital age, every educational institute has that one employee which works round the clock through the year and even on holidays. Sounds confusing? Well the answer is simple, it’s your website.

Simply put… in a digitally converging world, the website is where it all begins for a brand and with so many websites out there, being able to capture audience attention and keep them coming back for more is a task. Which is what makes website design & development so important.


How does it work?

Sometimes simplifying something is the most complicated thing to do, but with the right website design agency on board,
website design & development is a fairly simple process

identify_icon UNDERSTAND

The audience perspective and the intended user experience journeys. Look at what the competition is doing

create_icon DESIGN

Create immersive user experience journeys Simple yet captivating graphics and user interface Responsive design for seamless cross device user experience

engage_icon DEVELOPMENT

Setup hosting and platforms Code CodeCode Optimize for search Go-live Maintain


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1IT’S NECESSARY – Your website is your digital address. 72% students say they visit an institute’s website before actually going there. Having a well-designed site is simply required.
  • should_icon2IT BUILDS CREDIBILITY - Website design equates to trust or rejection of a brand for 94% of people online. The better the design the more the credibility and conversions.
  • should_icon3IT’S MARKETING FOREVER – Building a site that’s optimized for search with SEO friendly content to boot is like hiring a marketing employee who works 24x7!
  • should_icon4IT’S ENGAGING - The better the site’s design the greater are its chances of attracting repeat traffic and greater time spent on it, leading to more visitors and an endless cycle of happiness

What do I need to get started and how do I go about it?

First things first, the right website design agency! Website design or development isn’t a complicated process, but understanding the brand’s requirements and simplifying the user journey without compromising on the messaging requires effort. But isn’t that what Unipro is for? Let’s see why


We weren’t kidding when we told you that no student cookie escapes our eyes. With a cookie pool of over 5 million users, we know exactly what to serve where.


Our exclusive focus on the education sector means you have access to design and development expertise that is customized to work for you


With capabilitiesaround content, graphic design, SEO, and social media, our website design & development offering helps take your web presence to the next level

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