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Social Media Management

So you’ve notched the 100% placement figure this year or better yet, made that long overdue brand upgrade with a posh new campus to boot. It’s time to tell the world isn’t it, but what if you made an announcement nobody saw!

If you’re not doing it on social media, it’s likely for the above to happen because your audience is probably checking updates on Facebook or admiring a post on Instagram as we speak.

So how do you ensure your brand’s stories are heard? Social Media Management is your answer!


How does it work?

Social media management is a simple process. It’s all about creating your brand’s presence on social media platforms
and connecting with your audience through engaging and meaningful content.


There are over 200 social media platforms. Knowing what’s relevant is crucial


Creating your brand’s presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Find what content is relevant to your audience and create conversations around it


Why should I do it?

  • IT’S WHERE YOUR AUDIENCE IS – Over 100 Mn Facebook users, 85 Mn YouTube users, and 20 Mn Snapchat users in India are in the ages of 15-24. Beingsocial is not just cool, it’s needed.
  • IT’S LIVE - On social everything is in real-time, which is essential to engage an audienceinfamous for its short attention span.
  • IT’S VIRAL – Great content on social often goes viral. It’s like an endless ripple of happiness!
  • IT’S ENGAGING - On social you can create communities around your brand ethos and such engagement is like striking the brand building goldmine!

Sounds like I need a mathematical formula
and rocket scientists to manage social media?

Hardly! With the right digital agency onboard, social media management certainly doesn't need a team of rocket
scientists. Most of us at Unipro can't make a rocket but we have the social media chops to make your brand a
star. Here's Why!


Unipro is the only digital agency catering exclusively to the education sector. We are the digital specialists of the education domain.


For an audience that is infamously short on attention, we know exactly what conversations can engage.


With over 100 clients in the education space and an unheard-of retention rate of over 80%, it's safe to say our strategies work.


Social media is all about visual appeal and our creative team consumes coffee spiked with creative juice… Need we say more!

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