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Search Advertising

So you’ve recently set off on your digital marketing endeavour with SEO, Social and Content Marketing picking up pace albeit slowly. But it’s nearing admission season and you want to capitalize on your newly introduced programs to attract prospective students and waiting is not an option.

When a situation like the one above occurs, should you let go off opportunities while blaming your digital marketing strategy? Not when search advertising is still around!


How does it work?

Search advertising is really simple! You place your advertisement on search engines and when users search
using keywords you have targeted, your ad shows up on top of organic search results.

identify_icon PLAN

Keyword research to identify keywords to bid on Search ads account structure and key performance metrics Ad auction budgets

create_icon PREPARE

Ad text copies and creatives Landing pages and call to actions

engage_icon IMPLEMENT

Set pay per click (PPC) bid values for keywords according to their commercial intent Monitor performance and Optimize


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1IT’S EXTREMELY FAST – Search ads place your brand on top of search results where users are enquiring for courses like yours. Audience intent plus instant visibility, can anything be better!
  • should_icon2IT’S PRECISE - Search ads guarantee high quality traffic that’s likely to convert since these users are already searching for something you offer
  • should_icon3IT’S INTEGRATED – Search and display ads work in tandem to deliver maximum results. They also augment the performance of other inbound marketing campaigns
  • should_icon4IT’S COST EFFECTIVE – Search or pay per click (PPC) ads cost you by the click, thus minimizing wastage of campaign funds, making search advertising extremely cost effective.

How should I go about it?

Running a search advertising campaign is an easy thing to do, however planning and optimization is where the right pay per click advertising agency can make the difference. Having executed pay per click campaign after campaign for educational institutes in the last five years, there isn’t a single relevant keyword out there that our operations team has missed out on. Even Google couldn’t help but make us Premier Partners, and that’s a direct result of the successful campaigns we’ve delivered. But if you still need a reason to believe in us, here are a few!


A direct result of our expertise in search ad campaigns is our Googler Premier Partner status, a title only 3% of digital advertising agencies worldwide hold.


Did we tell you how we delivered over a million education leads in the past five years!Exclusive education sector experience helps our teams understand precisely what your prospective students are searching for, ensuring no relevant keyword escapes your advertising plan.


Our content and design ninjas ensure that targeted messages and uncluttered designs help your ads win the Quality Score race every time

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