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As digital dwellers who are constantly shifting where they prefer to hang around, reaching out to the student audience is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Trust us, we know the odds education marketers deal with in reaching out to their audience, but there is a simple solution to these woes – Mobile Advertising.creative ninjas can handle even when they are half asleep or playing ping pong in our break out area

2017 has been a year of reckoning for mobile advertising and IAB’s recent report showed mobile ad spends outdoing desktop and TV ad spends, in a time where the world is converging around mobile, especially the youth.


How does it work?


Mobile advertising goals (leads, conversion, engagement) Relevant mobile, social, content platforms, and applications to advertise on


Engaging mobile ad formats aligned to audience consumption patterns


Work with publishers and DSPs to serve ads on relevant mobile platforms and applications Work with ad-networks and exchanges to manage mobile ad inventory Set performance metrics and monitor campaign performance. Optimize campaigns for maximum ROI


Why should I do it?

  • IT’S ENGAGING – On mobile, engaging your audience is easy. Isn’t is so much easier to play a game, scan a QR code, or navigate through an interactive ad on mobile
  • IT’S ACCESSIBLE - The average time spent on mobile is 2.5X times higher than other mediums and the attention is undivided. Your brand is more likely to be seen on a mobile versus any other medium
  • IT’S PRECISE – With device tagging and location tracking features behavioural and geographical profiling is easy. This means you can target and advertise only to relevant audiences and maximize returns on your mobile ad spends
  • IT’S COST EFFICIENT - Comparatively new, mobile advertising costs much lesser than print, television, and desktop ads

How should I go about it?

Since mobile advertising is still an evolving trend, having the right mobile advertising agency onboard can help you reach out to your audience where they spend most of their time! Unipro has been at the forefront of mobile advertising for education marketers and we can help your brand reach just about every student out there. Here’s why!


Partnerships with leading ad-exchanges that account for over 80% of student traffic, have helped us generate over 1 million leads for education sector clients in the last five years. Phew!


Our machine learning magicians have crunched the largest pool of sites from top ad networks. We know just the right places your mobile ads need to be. Plus our lead generation platform helps aggregate and convert leads from various sources.


With over 400 education marketing campaigns behind us, it’s safe to say our strategies work!


Our creative and tech ninjas join team up over pizza and come up with innovative mobile ad formats that audiences can’t help but engage with

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