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Display Advertising

So you recently came up with a series of blog posts with tips for a career in investment banking by going through your financial management course but enquiries aren’t pouring in from all corners?

It’s highly likely that with all the information clutter, relevant information you provide goes unnoticed. So how do you get the right people to notice and interact with your brand? Display advertising is your answer!


How does it work?

Display advertising operately differently from print and television advertisments, much like the stock market infact.
The more you plan and optimize, the better your results are!

identify_icon ASSESS

The audience behaviour and key relevant message themes Competitor campaigns to avoid clutter

create_icon STRATEGIZE

Key metrics (impressions, clicks, downloads) Programmatic and non-programmatic mix Relevant display formats Relevant sites and publisher platforms

engage_icon IMPLEMENT

Create banner, rich media, video, etc ads Place display ads on relevant sites and publisher platforms Monitor and Optimize


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1IT’S PRECISE – Targeted display advertising can serve ads according to age & gender, location, and online behaviour. Bottom line, you reach only those whom you intend to
  • should_icon2IT’S CUSTOMIZABLE - Suppressing ads to known users or retargeting prospects, boosting impressions on performing sites or pausing them on non-performing ones, paid display advertising is so customizable, you just can’t go wrong!
  • should_icon3 IT’S GOAL ORIENTED – Display advertising campaigns can be easily customized to achieve measurable results such as impressions, views, clicks, downloads, shares,
  • should_icon4IT’S ENGAGING – With formats such as rich media, video, hardware based personalization, QR codes, and augmented reality, there is no limit to how engaging display ads can be

How should I go about it?

While display advertising is no rocket science, optimizing campaigns for maximum performance is where the right digital advertising agency can make the difference! At Unipro, our ad operations team consists of undercover agents who have stalked every website your audience visits and know exactly where you should be present to get a hold of them. But seriously, as a digital advertising agency, here’s why we can help!


We’re a Googler Premier Partner agency, a title only 3% of digital advertising agencies worldwide hold. This recognition is a direct result of our successful past campaigns and our Google certified resources.


As a Google Premier Partner we get brownie points on Google’s display network, but that’s not just it! Our partnerships with global ad-exchanges and publisher platforms give you access to over 80% of the total student audience


Our capabilities in design, social and content help augment your display advertising campaigns. Also, combined with our search advertising capabilities, your display ad strategy is set for the stars!


Working exclusively for the education sector, we know precisely where and how to get your audience’s attention. If we tell you to advertise on a sports website, it’s because we’ve delivered results doing so before!

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