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A 100 years ago, people paid attention when universities putadmission notices on bulletin boards or when newly ordained college clerks shouted admission slogans on the street. But in today’s world grabbing the attention of an attention deficient student audience is not as simple as it used to be.

So how do you ensure that your brand messages are able to break the monotony and reach an audience that is highly likely to overlook your content. In an age where a picture is worth a thousand words and a video worth a thousand pictures, creatives that speak your story are the answer!


How does it work?

Social media management is a simple process. It’s all about creating your brand’s presence on social media platforms
and connecting with your audience through engaging and meaningful content.


The latest design trends that engage your target audience. Assess your site, collaterals, social media creatives in light with the competition


Create a visual identity and common themes for your brand. Incorporate brand philosophy in design elements


Create immersive &engaging graphics and creatives that resonate with your audience.


Why should I do it?

  • IT’S ENGAGING – Imagine seeing a paragraph of text saying we’ve moved to a new campus versus a collage of images that show how swanky the campus is… Need we say more!
  • IT’S SHAREABLE - A video or an infographic update is 6x times more likely to be shared over plain text updates
  • IT’S PERSONABLE – Great design has a persona of its own and audiences often attribute brands a personality that resonates with their creatives
  • IT’S COST EFFICIENT - While design is seen as an additional cost, messages with good design have a 70% higher chance of being noticed, saving you repeated efforts in getting your message across

How do I build my brand and connect with my audience
through creative design?

When it comes to design, having the right creative design consultants who understand your audience and brand ethos is vital. At Unipro, a deep understanding of student psychology and education sector experiencegets the creative ball rolling but we also keep cookies with extra chocolate to keep our designers happy and imaginative while they turn everyday updates into engaging visuals. While we cannot share the cookies, we can certainly help your brand connect with
your audience through design. Here’s How!


Simply put, a young team understands a young audience and our graphic design team comprises of designers fresh out of the best institutes, working dedicatedly for the education sector.


The graphic design process at Unipro begins by understanding the brand and defining its creative identity. This identity reflects in design that truly connects with audiences.


A collaborative design approach helps us work with brands to incorporate our design and sector expertise along with unique brand requirements


Keeping creative minds idle is a sin so we just let them loose every now and then. The innovative designs and visual stories they come up with are pure awesomeness!

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