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Getting a child into a good school is one of a lifetime’s work for the parents. School is where the child’s whole being is nurtured. The child learns not about the subjects but also his/her whole behavioral pattern, personality, etc., build up. So before enrolling in a school, the parents must do complete research and then decide where to enroll them. A school is where the child’s formative years are spent, a good 10-12 years which is the base of their whole being. Crimson Anisha Global School in Pune will be the best option to choose the school for your kids.

There are three boards in the Indian Curriculum; the state board, ICSE, and CBSE. State Boards are supported by the State government and are regionally acclaimed, while ICSE and CBSE Board are nationally recognized, sometimes intentionally too.

What are ICSE and CBSE board schools?

  • ICSE: The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is a private board school. It is not functioning by the Government of India. It is a board that is recognized both nationally and internationally as well. The curriculum follows the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. This board is privately set up for general education in India to the schools’ affiliate with it.
  • CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education is a national-level board. It has both public and private schools. The Government of India operates it. The curriculum follows NCERT. The schools affiliated with this board follow the guidelines allotted by the government of India.

Why do People prefer the CBSE Board over ICSE Schools?

People generally perceive the Education boards, which keeps on passing from person to person. Choosing a Board of education is quite tricky as there are many theories and perceptions in society. However, there is a differentiation between the two national boards:

  1. There is a differentiation in the Syllabus pattern of both Boards. ICSE follows a practical approach while CBSE follows a theoretical approach.
  2. CBSE Syllabus is much easier than ICSE as it follows a multiple-question pattern while ICSE has more of a situational question set.
  3. CBSE Board accepts over all the universities in India while ICSE is They have programs to enroll now by all Indian and foreign universities.
  4. ICSE Syllabus is more exclusive while the CBSE syllabus is more precise.
  5. If the parents have a transferable job, then the CBSE board is preferred as it has more schools across the country while ICSE affiliate schools are lesser in number compared.
  6. CBSE is enrolled now on the Alphabetical Grading System while for ICSE, the marks are shown in numbers which shows a clear picture.
  7. Any board student can appear for CBSE exams while ICSE does not allow anyone apart from their own for ICSE exams.
  8. CBSE curriculum is available in English and Hindi but the ICSE curriculum only is available in English.

Level of Ease

CBSE syllabus mostly comes with more accessible parts and is well structured as well. With the CSE syllabus, the difficult ones which most people are afraid of. ICSE follows a higher level of English language than other boards. A higher level of English language in ICSE assists the student to score better in every kind of examination. CBSE board marks are widely accepted at the regional level. Still, if the student wishes to have a great future and wants to study abroad, then ICSE certification will be more beneficial.

ICSE syllabus comes with difficulty level in comparison with CBSE. Points and theories are too complicated, and the ICSE syllabus has more assessments and concepts which are applicable to practical life as well.


Lastly, an education board might matter in a long-term process, but the excellent upbringing and teachings inculcate. Whatever school one student might study, the child must teach good habits, respect others, and have good knowledge inside the books. A good brought-up pupil should be the concern. If you want to get one of the best school for your kids so you should visit the official website of CAGS.


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