There are many education boards in India to choose from, and now the board choice has also further widened into the international horizons also. Whether CBSE or ICSE, every board offers every student a holistic education; however, there is a certain difference among all. CBSE is a board that prepares students for competitive exams like NEET, UPSC, CLAT, IIT-JEE etc. Also, ICSE has their own benefits for students.

About Cambridge education
Students’ future entirely depends upon the school and subjects and board they choose. There are many schools in India that follow international boards of education for education for preprimary, primary and secondary education. Vaels international school is among the best Cambridge school in ecr facilitates your child’s holistic education and development. The school is affiliated with ICSE and also offers IGCSE from Grade III.

Benefits to choose the Cambridge curriculum for your children
Cambridge education is more preferred in India nowadays because of its many benefits. However, CBSE and ICSE are more popular in India and widely accepted; the Cambridge curriculum is accepted worldwide. In comparison to other boards, the IGCSE curriculum offers a multi-cultural and multilingual approach. Below are some benefits listed for you:

• IGCSE has a curriculum based on British GCSE learning environments. The curriculum has a wide range of subjects available and which benefits the students. They can find the subjects combinations that suit their interest.

• Many subjects choices in the IGCSE curriculum enable them to work on multiple and diverse topics to understand them well.

• Cambridge education prefers the importance of learning languages and cultural studies. These help students to adjust and cope with every regional demand.

• Cambridge education creates more well-rounded students who can easily adjust to any situation.

• IGCSE is the widely accepted qualification globally for eligibility for higher education, advanced and professional education, and degrees. As you get to learn more about Cambridge education, you will find what is best for your child.

• The Cambridge education is flexible, challenging and inspiring, and these are factors that made this international board one of the fastest-growing and more preferred in India.

• Parents choose Cambridge education as its curriculum has an approach to learning. The board’s primary focus is to enable students to discover new abilities that assist them in building a successful future.

• Cambridge primary education aims to make them reflective, confident, innovative and engaged. Vaels international school is among the best Cambridge Schools in ECR, offering quality education with a vision to develop pathways to lifelong learning.

• IGCSE curriculum for students is designed to engage them with an option to choose from many subjects that include about thirty languages.

• The IGCSE program makes students ready for future international studies like for Diploma program and also help them enter international universities.

• Can bridge education help students with job placements, too, as many employees prefer IGCSE background candidates.

Choosing Best Cambridge School in ecr is the best decision you can take as IGCSE students can experience a broad and balanced curriculum. Visit the website of Vaels international school to know details regarding the admission process.

Choosing which course to study is a confusing task for parent’s .before choosing the right board for their child, parents should understand the demand of the curriculum and their child’s abilities. Though each board has their own benefits but nowadays parents are choosing Cambridge education for their children. Hopefully, the above-listed benefits of choosing the Cambridge curriculum will help you decide what is best for your child. For admission, you can visit the website of Vaels international school now.


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