Top Nursing Colleges in Gujarat for BSc Nursing

Nursing is one of the top fields when it comes to medical training. The students in their nursing take the first step towards achieving their dreams. Therefore, the college they choose should be the one that offers the best facilities. Both theoretical and practical training that the university gives should be the best one. Here are few B.Sc nursing colleges in Gujarat that you can choose based on your interest. You can also apply for admissions via using their portal.

  1. Pandit Deendayal Upadyay medical university

The cost or the fee for BSc nursing at Pandit Denndyal Upadhyay Medical University is 145 rupees. It is one of the most affordable colleges that provide you with the best facilities. It was first started in 1995 and is a government-aided university. The application process is available both online and offline mode. So you can opt for either of them based on your interest.

  1. Swarrnim University

Swarrnim University is in the top 2 of the best nursing colleges in Gujarat. The facilities are outstanding, and the faculty has experience in their preferred domain. To apply for admissions, visit their website and follow the process as mentioned. The lab facilities are vital when you talk about nursing schools, and Swarrnim University has the best equipment to help you skill up.

  1. Parul University

Parul University is primarily famous for its placements. It is number 1 when it comes to students getting jobs after their BSc. There are around sixteen thousand plus students who get placed every year. The highest package to date is 18+.

  1. Sumandeep Vidyapeeth

Started in 2007, the education system of the university is unique. It thrives on helping students skill up to the industry level. Mainly coming to nursing, the experimental education they provide will help them in the long term. With around three thousand five hundred students, the reviews online for the university are all positive.

  1. Sardar Patel University

Sardar Patel ranks 8 in India level ranking. They have the best faculty, and the university is an ancient university. Therefore it has good credibility. It is, in fact, one of the top universities in Gujarat. Not just education-wise, but the infrastructure is also up to the mark. They have sports, labs, hostel, hospital and other facilities available.

  1. P. Savani University

It is one of the top universities in south Gujarat. Its leading training methodology is unique when compared with other nursing colleges. With a vision to be a centre of excellence, the college thrives on hiring good faculty to give their students the best mentorship possible. Their core values include respect, integrity, leadership, pride, and they always go by their core values no matter what situation they face.

  1. ITM Vocational University

They only take in the best minds here at ITM Vocational University. They excel at their Nursing training. The connections the university has will help them in placements as well. It is a place full of opportunities and exploration. They offer the best internships so that students have the first-hand experience of what the industry looks like and giving them a direction in which they can travel.

Conclusion: All of the above nursing universities are the top BSc nursing colleges in Gujarat. The whole process that you require to apply for admissions is on their website. Therefore, visit then and carry forth with the process.


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