The digital marketing field is expanding very fast and a drastic change has been observed in the last few years. As 2021 is approaching, digital marketers started picking up the right strategies to put the businesses ahead of the crowd. In today’s era of artificial intelligence, the definition of digital marketing has been changed. What worked in 2020 could be outdated in the coming year. To have better communication strategies in the year 2021, you need to catch up with the latest digital marketing trends.

The future of digital marketing is bright and the best companies offering digital marketing services are making efforts to give you the best. Visit the website of the company you are considering to get details about the kind of services offered by them. Today, customers engage with any business through social media channels, mobile apps, websites, etc.

To optimize customer experience and increase sales, don’t miss out the below digital marketing trends in the coming year:

  1. Applying AI in marketing: Today, artificial intelligence is increasingly available in different fields and stages in the business and marketing processes. While using AI for business or campaigns and strategies, the main purpose is enhancing communication, analyzing customer data and tracking sales. This also helps in predicting customer behaviour; reducing workloads and other complex tasks for the employees. According to statistics, 57% of marketers have applied AI to their digital marketing strategies and processes.
  2. Adding videos: As you might have also noticed around your social media feed, there are a lot of video advertisements and campaigns going on. Yes, live video streaming is on the rise these days as video promotions. This simply grabs the attention of everyone more effectively than the text-based campaigns. The big names in the digital marketing field have performed a lot of experiments and reached out to the conclusion that more than 50% of the customers watch videos before buying any products and services.
  3. The trend of voice search: Voice search has become the most popular digital marketing trend in 2020. It started with Siri and now the voice search is playing a great role. It has become a game-changer in the digital marketing industry. More than 3.5 million purchases in 2020 were performed using voice search every day. The best digital marketing company in Delhi NCR is making efforts to make your web page voice search-friendly.
  4. Chatbots: This is not a new concept, but with better technology and integration, they are becoming very popular. Chatbots provide instant access to customer service. They are a great addition to the online businesses that are looking to scale their business as they are not manned by the live staff and are comparatively cheap to run. Bots are not only an effective way of mass communication but enable a 24×7 communication channel between the company and the customer.
  5. Influence marketing: One of the most popular and growing digital marketing strategies followed by best digital marketing agencies is influencer marketing. Influencers play a wide role in attracting customers for brands. They can be anyone from celebrities or social media stars to well-known journalists and bloggers who can help to spread the word about your business and services. Top brands and big industry players are adopting this approach these days.


As the technology is growing, the businesses need to be updated about the latest trends in the market. Hiring the best digital marketing agency in Delhi NCR will help you adopt the latest tactics and emerging technologies to achieve results.


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