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Students who want to pursue a career in hotel management should know the actual difference between hotel management and hospitality management. There is always a great deal of confusion on this topic.

As there are many hotel and hospitality management courses,  many students mix them while choosing between them. But they are not the same. Both of the courses are a part of the service sector, but they are entirely different.

Hotel management mainly deals with the different aspects related to the functioning of a hotel. The courses in hotel management cover aspects like catering, administration, marketing, and maintenance of a hotel. It mainly offers education in all the things of hotel management. Students have many options in the career of hotel management.

On the other hand, Hospitality management is about dealing with people. Hospitality is a part of hotels, part of travel and tourism, and many other sectors. It is not only restricted to hotels. Students who study this course have wider job opportunities. Even IT sections or MNCs employ professionals from the best college for hospitality management in West Bengal to arrange guests’ meetings, arrivals, and departure.

Differences between hotel management and hospitality management

Now, we will discuss some of the main aspects of both the courses that make them different from each other.


One of the mandatory features of hotel management is that students can work in hotels or travel or tourism. So they will get ample work opportunities in hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

While in hospital management, the career options are way better. Besides hotels and tourism, students can work in many sectors. You can test your skill in different sections like HR and various administrative positions. After studying hospitality courses, students can even pursue their careers in operations, marketing, and finance.

Work responsibilities:

The main objective of hotel management is to make sure whether the guest is enjoying their stay in the hotel or not. From the time a person checks in the hotel, the hotel managers should fulfill all the responsibilities related to his stay. The managers consistently fulfill the needs of the guests and their satisfaction.

Front desk, room service, and guest service are essential parts of hotel management.

But hospitality management also deals with guests but from different sectors. The hospitality managers look after the foreign delegates of an MNC or IT company. They make sure that the guest has a smooth stay during their visit.

Mode of work:

In hotel management, students get training to understand all the functions of hotels. The hotel managers check whether all the departments in a hotel are running smoothly or not. This management degree offers courses that will make a student understand all the departments of a hotel.

And hospitality management is about the management of the people. The hospitality managers ensure that all the guests in the event or a meeting have a good time. A good hospitality employee takes the guest experience very seriously.

Area of work:

After the courses in hotel management, a student can get placement in different hotels, resorts.

The Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management, one of the best hotel management institutes, offers world-class education. Their next level of hotel management courses makes students confident for the future. Students can check out their official website for more information.

After hospitality courses, students can work in event management, business development, sales, etc.


Both the courses have a broader scope in the tourism sector. And pursuing a degree in these courses can also lead to a better future.

If you have a dream to work in hotels, then hotel management is perfect. And if you want to work in an event, then hospitality management is best for youApply for admission to these courses without any second thought.


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