The downturn in student enrollment at universities in India and other countries worldwide is putting pressure on digital marketers. In such a situation, smart institutions are focusing on improving their digital marketing strategies to make sure that the money invested is well-spent.

Now the question is:

How can the university or institutes drive down the acquisition cost and increase their ROI in today’s competitive environment? With CPC running higher, finding students for university admissions has become a challenge. To reduce cost per lead for universities in India, it’s important to reevaluate the lead generation strategies. Here are some important steps which will surely help to lower the cost per lead and as a result, have a more profitable and effective marketing campaign.

The most popular ways to lower the Cost Per Lead for Universities in India:

  1. Reevaluate the marketing: This is an important step that requires research in-depth. Are your current marketing efforts effective in getting more admissions out of your budget? Instead of considering how many leads or students your university acquired in the last session, you must focus on how much it costs to acquire them. Is your college as profitable as it can be? Is your college or university still relying on those outdated or traditional methods to generate leads? With the advent of internet technology, here comes the concept of inbound marketing. This is the right method for education lead generation which is focused on attracting prospects rather than pushing the message on the students/leads.
  2. Reduce cost-per-click by improving the quality of ads: Yes, if you are serving ads to the people who don’t care about the content of these ads, your CPL will end up decreasing. If you are spending money on this traffic, you want to get as much value out of it as possible. The very first step to getting that value is to make sure that the landing page is optimized for conversions. Choose highly targeted and long-tail keywords that are more reflective of what the students are actually searching for admissions. This will increase the quality score and relevance of your leads which further reduce the cost per click too.
  3. Eliminating wasteful spend by targeting people based on their searches/behaviour: Google allows you to target audiences with the same interests. Like for an educational institute, you could build a list of people searching for a particular course along with its cost and serve them ads related to these. They will be more likely to click and convert your offer than the audience who rarely search for such a course. Additionally, it is better to retarget people who have already visited the page and attract them back to convert into leads. Based on such ad-strategy, you can turn more leads without costing higher. Hiring the best lead generation companies for higher education like Unipro Education will help you target more people and turn them into leads.
  4. Perform A/B tests to optimize ad performance: The best approach to paid ads is to always have at least two ads running at once to perform A/B tests. If you are running only one ad, then you will never be able to compare and analyze to get better results. Use one ad as a variable and another one as a control. Make sure each ad is given an equal amount of time and rotate them indefinitely. Change only one element at a time to understand what attracts the most of your audience and turning them into leads. The ads which convert more leads will reduce cost per lead and will be the winner.

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