A few years ago, getting a degree in MBA was like a dream come true for every student but with time because of wrong information available in the market, the students think of MBA as not a very good degree as it was considered earlier. Nothing has changed apart from the mindset of people. In this article, we will bust some myths and present you with the facts related to an MBA degree:

1. MYTH: There are not enough jobs for people with an MBA degree.
FACT – If you read the global statistics, you will find out that people who completed their MBA degree are one of the most successfully employed people around the globe. Even in India, if you go for a nonprofessional master’s degree or try to find a job after graduation, it will difficult for you. So, get an MBA degree or do some research on your own to find out about a large number of vacancies for MBA pass out professionals around you.

2. MYTH: MBA degree doesn’t teach the job skills
FACT – MBA is a professional degree where you learn the theory, practical and technical aspects of the field of your specialization. You have opportunities to volunteer and there is a mandatory internship that gives you job experience. So, it fully prepares you for the industry that you’d be working for. It also prepares you to handle any type of challenge.

3. MYTH: MBA degree is only good for men
FACT – To have a better future, many women are opting for an MBA degree in present times. You can find out that because of a local survey that took place in India comparing how the ratio of women getting admission to an MBA has been increasing. There are several fields in MBA that are proffered by women like the Human Resource specialization. Women are doing really well in the management sector. There are many good MBA in most of the cities and it has become easy for women to get a degree without even leaving their home town.

4. MYTH: Only born leaders are suited to do MBA
FACT – Here we are talking about having a good personality. Sometimes, the students think that only the people who have a very good personality can pursue MBA because later it is very important to manage the workforce. But we would like to break this myth by saying that a human being is ever-growing and learning. Anyone can learn confidence at any moment. There are special classes in MBA programs that help students to develop their personality. So, there is no worry about this thing.

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