A hotel management diploma after the age of 10 is the best option for students who want to start their careers early. This diploma of hotel management from 10th grade onwards has a two-year course period. Students can choose the best hotel management course after the 10th pass, depending on their preferences and facilities.

This is a list of recommended diploma in hotel management after 10th in various specialities:

1. Diploma in Hotel management
The Hotel Management Diploma is a 3-year full-time diploma course designed to provide easy insight into the operation of restaurants, receptions, rooms and zonings. This course primarily provides students with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and skills needed to acquire a key operational role in the hotel and hotel industry. Students can choose this hotel management course after the 10th exam. This course includes research on front office operations, basic food and beverages, management principles and more.

2. Diploma in front office operations
The Front Office Operations Diploma Course offers extensive training in managing front office operations across all hotel and hospitality industries, ranging from 6 to 18 months. Applicants can choose this Hotel Management Diploma after the 10th exam course, which provides insights on bookings, an international hospitality and tourism law, customer and guest services, marketing communications and management, and the hotel’s accounting system. Students acquire practical and theoretical knowledge and a modern, well-equipped laboratory.

3. Diploma in food and beverage production
The Food and Beverage Production Diploma is a course aimed at training students in the basics of hotel/restaurant cooking, baking, nutrition, and food safety procedures. These courses are primarily aimed at facilitating students with industry knowledge of the beverage and food industry and providing clear ideas for food and beverage products. This course covers topics such as the development of the catering industry, different types of tableware and meals, menu planning, and room service.

4. Diploma in Food Technology and Catering
Catering and technology diplomas are a rational combination of intensive lessons, self-directed learning, and industry counseling and mentoring sessions. This course is designed to meet the needs of industrial restaurants, hotels, restaurants, offices, factories and more. This course consists of extensive hands-on training focused on preparing basic soups and sauces, grapes, beer, chicken dishes and more. Food and catering diplomas include topics such as cooking, cooking methods, waste disposal, and bakery theory.

5. Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering Technology
A diploma in hotel management and catering skills is a two-year full-time degree in hotel management. Students who want to start their careers early can choose this hotel management course after the 10th standard. This course is suitable for students who want to build a career in hospitality and hotel management. This course covers topics such as family management, logistics work, human resource management, and front office work.

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Conclusion: In India, the travel and tourism sector is growing rapidly. Travel and tourism are closely linked to other sectors such as hospitality and hotel management. Thanks to the growth of the travel and tourism sector, the hotel and hotel management sector are also growing steadily. This has increased the demand for skilled chefs, hotel managers and hospitality professionals.

If you want to build a career in any of the above areas, a good hotel management course can help! The best hotel management college provides renowned hotel management courses for creating industry-led skilled chefs, hotel managers, and hospitality managers!


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