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Behavioral Retargeting

Have you ever had to rethink your marketing strategy when your advertisement campaign on new courses didn’t convert despite it being an engaging ad during admission season.

Well your marketing strategy isn’t misplaced and you certainly don’t need to fire your creative team. It’s just that only 2% of global web traffic converts after their first site visit or ad interaction.

But with all the marketing effort you’ve invested in, how do you get the remaining 98% of the audience who has interacted with your brand to convert? Behavioural retargeting is your answer!


How does it work?

Social media management is a simple process. It’s all about creating your brand’s presence on social media platforms
and connecting with your audience through engaging and meaningful content.

identify_icon IDENTIFY

Campaign types and key conversion objectives Analyse audience profiles and segment them based on behaviours

create_icon OPTIMIZE

Campaigns according to suit audience patterns Key content pages and social media pages for greater engagement

engage_icon EXECUTE

Combine browsing and CRM data for better conversions Embed retargeting pixels / cookies into sites Track user journeys and serve ads


Why should I do it?

  • should_icon1 IT’S SIMPLE – Behavioural retargeting doesn’t require a technical or strategic overhaul. A few simple cookies and an ad-serving partner can help increase conversions up to 7x times
  • should_icon2IT’S PRECISE – Remarketing works with users who have interacted with your brand or display online behaviour you intend to target, meaning your marketing efforts have zero wastage
  • should_icon3IT’S PERSONALIZED - Since retargeting is all about cookie tracking, every time you re-serve an ad, you can personalize it according to the user’s previous interaction with your site
  • should_icon4IT’S INTEGRATED – Behavioural retargeting advertising works fantastically well with inbound and outbound campaigns, increasing conversions while they drive traffic to your site

How do I do it?

With a trusted digital agency as a partner, online behavioural retargeting is the easiest way to increase conversions from your campaigns. At Unipro, a team of Sherlocks is employed specifically so that not even a single cookie escapes our eyes. But jokes apart, our in-house team of dedicated targeting and ad-serving professionals ensures your messages meet the right audience and your conversions soar. Here’s why!


We weren’t kidding when we told you that no student cookie escapes our eyes. With a cookie pool of over 5 million users, we know exactly what to serve where.


Having worked exclusively with education marketers for over 5 years now, we have sliced and diced the student audience into every conceivable behavioural profile… All for your convenience!


Unlike most digital agencies, Unipro’s behavioural remarketing services are driven in-house, reducing the costs associated with behavioural retargeting


Behavioural retargeting works best when used with inbound and outbound digital campaigns. Need we say more about our awesomeness with content, social media, design, and SEO

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